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What It’s Like To Join The ADHA.

What It’s Like To Join The ADHA.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let your imagination take over for a few minutes. Imagine there is no ADHA. Imagine that just like George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderfully Life”, ADHA didn’t exist. There is no TNDHA or NDHA. What would your career and your life be like?

Where would you be working, and what would you be doing?. Would you have a degree and if you were in dentistry at all, would you have been hired with no knowledge or experience to “clean teeth” and take x-rays? You would not be treating periodontal disease; you would be polishing and sending people on their way. You would not be administering local anesthesia or nitrous oxide, at least not legally. You could only work when the doctor is in the office. 

How much money do you think you will make? Can you support your family or even yourself? Would you be living in the house you now own or still bunking with your parents?

Beyond what your life would be, what about the patients you now serve? Would their periodontal disease be detected? Would their oral cancer be overlooked? Would school children have sealants placed? Who would advocate for better access to dental care? In this scenario, who are the champions for the under-served?

You can wake up now. Take a look around you. What are you actually doing today that is a result of ADHA, TnDHA and NDHA going to bat for you. What lifestyle are you enjoying that is supported by your career? 

So what is it worth to you? What is it worth to protect and preserve what you now have? What is it worth to expand your opportunities? As more hygienists graduated and enter the workforce there needs to be expansion of opportunities. What is it worth to expand your skills and presence to serve more people who are excluded from dental care because they just can’t afford even basic care.

So let’s imagine one more time. Imagine the scope and presence of dental hygiene practice is expanding to include opportunities to help more people in many different settings. Imagine yourself working alongside physicians, nurses and other health professionals as well as dentists. Imagine there are more opportunities for all hygienists to pursue their dreams and goals for their professional and personal lives.

I ask again. What is it worth to you? Is it worth 0.81¢  a day. That is what your membership costs. 

For the 0.81¢ a day you will get:


  • Network connections with other hygienists locally and nationally
  • Free and discounted Continuing Education through NDHA, TnDHA and ADHA
  • Discounted professional liability insurance through ADHA
  • Discounted car insurance through ADHA
  • Exclusive community access through the NDHA and ADHA websites
  • Opportunities to give back to your community
  • Representation in the state legislature from TnDHA and NDHA
  • Representation in the United States Congress  from ADHA


What is membership worth? To me it is priceless and I pay only 0.81¢ a day.


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